QcomBIT is a company based in Dresden, which realises and provides software solutions and services in order to employ quantum technologies efficiently and effectively in 5G and future 6G networks and verticals.

Core Values:

Innovation for Quantum Solutions: Driven by curiosity, we drive innovation in communications technology, exploring quantum frontiers across 5G, 6G networks, and verticals. We transform possibilities into real-world solutions, reshaping global connectivity.

Sustainable Eco-Tech: We lead with eco-conscious design, prioritizing energy efficiency and aligning with UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our solutions minimize ecological impact, contributing significantly to a cleaner, greener planet.

Trust, Inclusivity, and Transparency: Upholding trust, we ensure user privacy and security. With inclusivity as our ethos, we bridge the digital divides, empowering diverse global communities. Transparency is the foundation of our relationships.

Impactful Collaboration: Collaboration drives our progress. Partnering with academia, industry, and communities, we amplify our impact. Together, we work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, shaping an inclusive, sustainable digital future.

Join QcomBIT in redefining global connectivity. Together, let’s innovate, sustain, and empower for a brighter tomorrow.